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Since the beginning, Night Swim Radio has been about elevating talent and discovering new music. What started as a weekly radio show, naturally evolved to include philanthropic activities—at first, music compilations that featured great music and raised money for charities that were near-and-dear to the founders' hearts.

A natural next step was to start an artist fund—pooling money from our patrons and any proceeds raised from Twitch fundraisers—we are now leveraging our resources to help aspiring artists achieve their goals. Whether that be a new microphone or lessons to learn a new instrument, you can help musicians have what they need to succeed.

How to Apply 

Applications are closed for now. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date on all announcements. We also do giveaways of merchandise and software to our followers. Must live

in the US and be over the age of 18 to be considered:



The Artist Fund has officially begun! As applications are processed and rewards given out, you can check the Recipients page to get to know each artist that has benefitted from the fund:

Ways to Donate

All proceeds go to aspiring artists. We are currently seeking Non-Profit status. If you would like to wait to make a donation in order to receive a tax-deductible receipt please contact us here and we will notify you when we have set up our 501(c) status.

Monthly Giving

Join the Swim Team

Quarterly Fundraiser

Follow us on Twitch

One-Time Donation

No commitment

Buy Merchandise

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