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While I Remember

A memoir

Becky Grubbs Ritter

        This is the true story of some who lived... heroes and failures, resourceful, talented, delightful, and disappointing human beings whose "days are like grass, flourishing like a flower in the field; the wind blows over it and

it is gone; its place is remembered no more."

But while I still can, I will remember.


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The tale is told in three parts intertwined with amusing and heart-breaking stories, peppered with historical references.


Part One: Those Who Came Before includes ancestors who entertained on a riverboat during the Civil War, played piano during silent movies, taught in a one room schoolhouse, delivered milk to front porches in a horse drawn wagon, participated in dance marathons during the Great Depression, and served as a dive bomber pilot in World War II.


Part Two: Childhood to Car Keys begins with baby boomers (the author being one), the construction building boom of the early 1950's, wrestlers competing for the Olympics in Rome, middle class families with big dreams, a built-in swimming pool, Kennedy's assassination, Teen Town at the Y, race riots in the summer of 67', the first draft lottery for the Viet Nam War, and the author gets her car keys.


Part Three: Self Determination involves negotiating a changing world, a family collapse, the drug culture, a 1970s traveling Show Band, unrequited love, searching for truth, searching for truth in Florida, singing in a trio, finding God, losing God, playing in a piano bar, waiting tables, alcohol consumption, continuing to search for God, "naming it and claiming it," "Jesus Freaks," and finding a life.

About The Author

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Becky Grubbs Ritter is a lover of books, history, and learning. She is a maker of things, a musician, singer, and burgeoning author. At the core she is wife, mother, grandmother, and “post-evangelical” Christian...just another flower flourishing in the field and feeling the wind blow.

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