Some of our favorite music has been found right here. WE pride ourselves on always including as many submissions as we can in our weekly radio show. show us what you got!


ps. we also love to premiere new music in the show so if you want to send us a download of an unreleased track that is ok!

Thanks! Message sent.


Equity - N33T - Sentinel

AT4G - idk

Keeth - AA w/ Skoot

SATURATE - Dayzero, Finnoh & Jack - Dragon

inkap - ancient hills

Yaeji - Raingurl (Ship Wrek Remix)

Ren Carter - Frog (feat. Liv Grace)

M.A.K, Marinucci - Kyles Future

cursive - myt b

xoemyr - SHIELD BUG

wev - freaky rgb (wev edit)

Truth-Hz - Parkinson White - Ghost Of Bennachie

Sebastian Vydra - Nothing to Fear (feat. Altertone)