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Osaka — LOST w/ $ayonara

Ethereal Sound — Solenya & Ascen - Fog Over The River

Synergy Sound & rabidZen - Voyager (Inkap Remix)

LAZY H - Far Away

Flawed Mangoes — holy grail

twuan — SANTURCE

Nude Plus - Midnight Pleasures ft. Madbliss

Diamonn Gurr — Money In The Bank

PixelWax — Offering

‡SHI — I been poppin' tags ‡

If You Have No Friends — new sequel

Keeth. — WZRD (Oddwin Sample Challenge)

T Pain - Can't Believe It (JULIEN FROM FLORIDA Remix)

Myles Jaeger — MILLION (With Marc Figueras)

Versâam — icecreamsandwitches

Chalky — Chalked Up

Burt Dogg — delightful w/ examining

Hotwax - Renegade ft. Synesthete

shyguy  — twentyfour

Darra — Ajna

Rene - Cuts Mountains

Marcuse - Savant

Rasiir — Playin Games

Sofasound — You Never Deserved Me

every Wednesday,

7pm pst/10pm est/3am gmt

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