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So happy to have our fam Sofasound in the hot seat for this week's podcast. Be sure to give him a follow after the show! Unfortunately Jeff knew more than Sofasound in the week's show, but he'll be back for the W soon.

Monte Booker Tracks Used:

2099 Flow

Barbershop Cartoons





Tracks used in the LoFi game:

Aso - Seasons

Burbank - i think of love

Bassti - Panda

Tactilian - Night Tide

i s l a n d . b o y - hot cocoa on a rainy day 

C A N T I - human music

seito - peeno

north takoda x benji - sorrow

Ooze - late night interlude

kudasai - the girl i haven't met

Have some trivia questions you think would be good for the game? Want to be a contestant? Send us an email at or leave us a message at 805-635-SWIM


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