J.a.M. "The Artist"

Smile, Life is Short!

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It's not just a mixtape, album, EP, project or however you'd put it. It's a musical reminder to all musicians out there that as long as you express yourself without unwanted influence, you can do anything.

It's also a reminder (obviously) to those that regardless of the negative in your life, you have to smile and embrace the positivity and your life will follow. 

I (J.a.M "The Artist") completely produced, engineered and organized this project with a select group of vocalists who I thought would be best to further bring out the energy in my music.

Equity - N33T - Sentinel

AT4G - idk

Keeth - AA w/ Skoot

SATURATE - Dayzero, Finnoh & Jack - Dragon

inkap - ancient hills

Yaeji - Raingurl (Ship Wrek Remix)

Ren Carter - Frog (feat. Liv Grace)

M.A.K, Marinucci - Kyles Future

cursive - myt b

xoemyr - SHIELD BUG

wev - freaky rgb (wev edit)

Truth-Hz - Parkinson White - Ghost Of Bennachie

Sebastian Vydra - Nothing to Fear (feat. Altertone)