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Emerld - Get You Down
Capshun - Alive (from Zerioize EP)
DTTØ - Capsicate (single)
Limrinse - Swimming Lessons (from Musing EP)
Okayche - See You (prod. Rioretti)
Diamonn Gurr - Handmaid (from The Deep End comp)
Gelapi - kayla w/ daehan (unreleased)
Shiwan - Neutral (prod. Ashton Mccreight) (single)
J.a.M. "the Artist" - Love you, Good for you (ft. Kuro Silence) (from Smile, Life is Short)
Prototyp3 - farewells (from Welcome to Lushville)
Pyrex the Enigma - Ruby (ft. Rasiir) (from Tempest EP)
AN TY - Airdrom (from Insert Before Flight)
lexus - foradip (single)

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