every Wednesday, 7pm pst/10pm est/3am gmt

jack cates — square

Bass Monkei — NorthBrooke ft. Vlad

Rene - Onboard

Rene - Light Flies

lissamiaa — Overdose ft. Lais

kayoti - somewhere

KUMO☁ COLLECTIVE — onwrd - charme 

brookes — pursuit

spacely — Bossy

Rasiir - In My Bag

Rob Valentine — Stay (Prod. BeatJoven) 

SkyFawkes — Vanish Pt. 2

REGGIE PR1ME — Wish I Knew (Prod. Ryan Truly)

8X. — me and you, you and i

Official Melody Guest Mix:

CALIBR - Birds

Himmel - Distend

chromonicci. - Infinity

X&G - Arms

Evil Needle - Drive

JATO - Racer (GIR Remix)

Full Crate x Jarreau Vandal - Get Your Freak On

Da-P - Shotta

Nics - Spell It Out

Black Josh Ape - Burner (ft. Sleazy F Baby & Dyno)

Wayvee - If

Ian Ewing - Alaska Cold (ft. Mike Regal)

malik bawa. - chanel.

Last Track:

Flamingosis - an 8 ball affair


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