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Jeff and Rob aka @diamonngurr back at it! They discuss new announcements for @night-swim-radio as well as some interesting stories about previous live events. Also Rob gets a little salty and throws some shade.

Tracks used:
thisthatprototyp3 rasiir - Exodus (forthcoming on Night Swim Records)
sarobali - holiday
gravez - No Type remix
guess who
gelapi - YAH (forthcoming on Night Swim Records)
vbnd ygravy - Pillow Fight
thisthatprototyp3 - s a t i v a
digital-mozart - no diggity mo zart
ooze_music - late night interlude
thisthatprototyp3 - rose gold

Shout Outs:

snacktimetunes x wkdu mix:
Wkdu – Nsr-mix-630

Check out @diamonngurr set in Columbus:…/873351732029534209

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