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every Wednesday, 7pm pst/10pm est/3am gmt

Bloom Child — Pold x 92elm - Flowers

IAMKRT テイラー — Late Night City Lights

goosetaf — stained glass.

bobo.the.outlaw - crybaby

Vuma — Sunsets

Vuma — HeartBROKEn

GOLD PROSPECTOR — Mike Holmes x Mikuda - Avatar

Azkoo — night w/loc (Ludovico Einaudi Edit)

Inteus — Slip

OkayChe - Consequences (Impakt Remix)

Cyber Posix - island boy ft. Kei-ez

Des Brennan — This Feeling (Prod. falcxne)


Fin & The End Guest Mix:

Swum- Swummo

Jeivos- Bebiana

P.Morri$- Ladyboy

Affelaye - never Felt Real

Luminate- Lavender Dreams

Synkro- Girl

Jafu- No More

Whitehorse- IN SKY
sktchy ppl x lumi- prblms

acidbrain- 187 invitation

DKVPZ- Bonde do Neo Soul

HABIBIBOI- Make Dat Shit Bounce (ft. Kush Jones)

Austin Lebron- Voy Pa Ya

HABU x Holly- Water

Aztek- King K.Rool

Party Wave- She's a Gangstuh (Goopsteppa Remix)

Chynna- The Conversation (CharlestheFirst Remix)
FKJ- We Ain't Feeling Time

icekream- Listen

VAGUE003- We Won't Speak Like this Again

Stardust- Music Sounds Better With You (WRLD Remix)

TAP x BadSista- So Special

Last Track:

HXNS x R.O.M. x Lege Kale - Blues

Fin & The End is a duo of Sebastianxmatt and dreeemy who run the women's collective BAE. Be sure to give all of their accounts a follow!

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